Album of the Week: “Dark Sky Paradise” by Big Sean


Ummmmmmm….this basically sums Dark Sky Paradise:

“Look at my girl *****, phuck yo bae list. Phuck yo night list, phuck yo day list, phuck yo playlist, I’m from the D, phuck your A-list…I been working 8 days a week, I don’t even know what the fuck today is. I hit the booth and I just went super saiyan. I run with the purp like I play with the Raven…”

The mic drops right there. Part of me wants to continue this blurb with lyrical damage from “Paradise”. Probably the most vicious rap track I have heard since Run The Jewels opened our ears once more last year. Yes. The record is good. The better word is great. But you probably didn’t expect that word to describe Big Sean, who for the longest time you referred to as that kid standing behind Kanye West. Not my case. I’ve been covering Sean Don since I started blogging. Knew he had this monster lying in wait. Took one failed relationship, a new spark, and a illuminated¬†mindset to unlock the internal gate. So happy for him.

Big Sean should be applauded for Dark Sky Paradise. Reminds me of J.Cole’s Born Sinner on the level of deep personal messages with brilliant execution. Strong beats, clever hooks, and powerful anthems that are cut from the mind of Good Music’s mastermind. Seriously, the beats are NUTS! Grade A sh*t. That’s what happens when Yeezus is EPing your LP. Solid blueprint for greatness.

Go click play. Sean’s story will touch you and fill in some blanks. Bet you’ll be saying this one thing…”Thank you God, I phucked that b*tch.”



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