1st Song of the Day: “Rice Rain” by Cashmere Cat


Still don’t know what to make of this video. “Rice Rain” is a dope track. All the sounds! Feels like I’m running on an 8-bit cloud in star mode. Took a vine to all the way up here, of course.

Tonight is the Oscars. Have a strong sense that Birdman will win Best Picture. Certainly was my favorite of the 8. But I loved all the best picture nominees in different ways. Here’s my ranking if you’re curious.

  1. Birdman
  2. Whiplash
  3. The Theory of Everything
  4. The Imitation Game
  5. Boyhood
  6. American Sniper
  7. Selma
  8. The Grand Budapest Hotel

The last four are basically whims. Changes daily whenever I chat about them. Are you surprised I wasn’t blown away by Boyhood? Nope. Simplistic story with a great ending. But in comparison to the amazing execution of Birdman…shouldn’t even be close. American Sniper has a better chance at winning then Boyhood. We’ll see. Hope you experience them all. Some of the BEST soundtracks you’ll ever hear.

Happy Sunday! Here’s pop for your ears.


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