Album of the Week: “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” by Drake


Still bumping it after a week. Yes, IYRTITL is super cheesy. Or catchy. Don’t even know anymore! Is it genius or lazy? It’s too late for me. I’ve given into Mr. OVO. Bad repetitive lyrics or not. I can’t stop playing this album.

You can review this as a mixtape. It isn’t, nevertheless the argument can be made for either side. This record sounds like scraps or b-sides of something really great. Like picking up a piece of ancient marble cast off of Michelangelo’s David. You won’t remember it afterwards because the final piece of art won’t have an equal. Just sweep the pieces under the rug. This record probably won’t have a lasting impact in the long run, but whatever drops next will.

This isn’t the Drake from four years ago…and I’m perfectly fine with that. Just keep the beats flowing because the instrumentals are generation defining.

Essential Tracks: “Company”, “10 Bands”, “6PM In New York”, “Preach”, “No Tellin”, & “6 God”



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