1st Song of the Day: “Suitcase” by Matthew Koma


Oscar weekends have always been long & exciting. The final battle of 5. Staying up late, drinking in overpriced Hollywood hotel rooms with fantastic people, connecting, and living life out of a suitcase. “No more,” I said as I watched the rain dripping down off a poorly constructed tent last March. There comes a time when the foot must be pressed to the floor in defiance. I was fine with ending my journey there. Had done so much in 6 years. Couldn’t be prouder. Consider myself a very lucky fool for being bless with such an opportunity. Still blows my mind that I lived what people had dreamed about doing their entire lives.  But…at the time…all I wanted to do was see my friend afterwards at the bar. Always a girl involved. None of my stories lack that character I guess. They are the magical parts of the details.

This new role should be easy fun. Probably already posted a bunch of random social media images, haven’t I? My life is dope. Actually I’m probably trying to buy Comic-Con tickets  on slow internet when this post goes live. Add CC15 to the list of sh*t I have planned for myself once this weekend wraps. Time to go nuts! Why not live out of more suitcases? Matthew Koma, move us with your incredible voice dammit.


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