1st Song of the Day: “Another Earth” by Tale of Us


Sucks Tale of Us are an under-carder. Their brand of EDM is made for late evenings. After the show is over kind of mood makers. “Another Earth” does bring the listener easily to foreign planet for the duration of the trip. Put your tray tables and headrests down. Lovely ride ahead, especially for a Friday.

My experience in the car wasn’t as easy breezy. Bumping the early tracks of #DarkSkyParadise loud and proud. “All Your Fault” is probably leading the pack of my favorite tracks of 2015. Sorry “Uptown Funk”. Yeezus dominates the cut. I believe his interview that his next studio album is gonna be cooking hip hop. That “water your lawn all day” experience? Can’t you tell I’m excited??? Just drop it already. Beyonce that sh*t.

But yeah…as I hustle all weekend long, gonna have GOOD Music streaming. That’s what makes it all tolerable. Oscars are easy. I’m not stressed. Just gonna enjoy myself. Then collect that dough to pay for SXSW. Still got a bunch of things planned for y’all. Have a great weekend!


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