1st Song of the Day: “Transpose” by Bad Suns


Bad Suns. Damn good music right here. If you have a chance to see them at Coachella, go for it. Fun show to be had. Might even be the surprise of the festival. They’re listed in the mid-day part of the schedule. So, if you’re waiting around for the big acts – make sure you go explore their arrangement of pop goodness. Will allow your high to set in.

They are listed on many festivals on top of Coachella. So…no excuses now.

Spent last night setting up my concert schedule for the next couple of months. The Fonda looks like the main hub of popular buzzworthy showcases. Was the best news because many of the dates correspond to Wing Night! Didn’t want to commit to anything because my guess is that a lot of those bands will be at SXSW. Sucks to be stuck in limbo. More info coming soon. Dealing with an itchy trigger finger. My hands haven’t held a camera in months.Gift and a curse.

Need to quit procrastinating, but then again…I’m in the middle of another 10+ day work streak. Picked up my Oscars creds after work yesterday. Was too easy. Plus I got carpet access! Wasn’t expecting that. This weekend is gonna be dope!

Sh*t ranted longer than I expected. Here’s Bad Sun’s “Transpose”:


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