Spotlight: “Moliére” by Our Man In Berlin

Darkness never sounded so beautiful.

The tempo races at an out of control rate on Our Man in Berlin‘s “Moliére”. The vocal whispers slither into your ear drums and infects your body with a dangerously catchy chorus. Their blend of electro rock never wavers in its attempt to move you. You can’t really tell what corrupts you more…the wild beat or the indistinguishable lyrics. The chaos that ensues by the end of the track attacks your ear drums at all points till it eventually fades out. Leaving this listener wanting more.

Here’s what the press has to say:

For a band that have been putting out material for barely 18 months, it’s ok if you weren’t aware that Perth’s Our Man in Berlin have been conjuring their own hybrid of electro indie-rock. All you need to know is they do it well, damn well.

Premiered on triple j’s Home and Hosed on Thursday night and officially released today, Moliére is the effortless sounding new single that’s a taster from the forthcoming sophomore EP ‘Spirit Down’. Molière was the stage name of a 17th century French playwright who, in particular, wrote tragic comedies about manipulation. This track possesses a similar subject matter, planting the narrative not in comedy, but atop heavy bass lines, rhythmic guitars and urgent beats.

Moliére follows 2014’s EP ‘is it right?’, a debut that saw OMiB tour Australia twice with four tracks receiving national airplay from key stations triple j, RRR, FBi, 4ZZZ, RTR and many more, plus spins across notable alternative stations in the UK, USA, Greece, Italy, Germany and Canada. Nods of approval from the likes of international blogs IndieShuffle, Hillydilly, Stereofox and many more contributed to Soundcloud spins now in excess of 100,000.

While the finishing touches are made to the new EP, Our Man in Berlin will be previewing new material in addition to Moliére in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth next month.



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