Spotlight: “Holy Water” by Lights of the Coast

So pretty. Lights of the Coast reminds me of The National & David Bowie…if they had a musical love child. “Holy Water” feels like it’s been kept in a glass container since the ’80s. The instrumental interludes project such beauty that you feel obligated to play this while riding along a coast. A trip of light and sound I never want to end.

Here’s what the press have to say:

Stop! Take three minutes if you love romantic new wave! Nick Cave? Tindersticks? OMD? No! Lights of the Coast! “Holy Water” is a beautiful, a wonderful, an outstanding song! In the 1980s, it would have made it into the UK Top 20 for at least one week, I swear! Theo Lefebvre (@you-are-number-six) and Axel Lacan (@pun-collins) .

Go Satta’s spaced-out Jamaican Dub is tenderly charming your ears and keeps you walking with your feet up in the air while smoking a big spliff when you walk down to Tobago’s Pigeon Point in slow motion. Mikael Fas zooms back in time to the 1970s when Jean Michel Jarre filled football stadiums with analogue synthesizer sounds. He turns “Holy Water” into the perfect soundtrack for a fast night flight in your DeTomaso Pantera, from L.A. down to San Diego. Bulbs of Held present a psyched out 90s indie trip, with a beautiful acoustic guitar, some Bevis Frond and early Flaming Lips-feel – beautiful! David Garcet’s emo house adaptation is slightly influenced by Michael Mayer remixes, it has a great build-up, a warm vibe, exactly what you need, driving home in the the early Ibiza mornings, when the sun comes up in t he East of the island and the person next to you has a big smile on her/his face. An amazing remix package for music lovers! And the second track by Lights of the Coast, Seychelles, just fits perfectly to the Go Satta and David Garcet remixes, a dizzy summer anthem with steel-drums, rolling wave sounds and heavenly choirs, just before the already legendary surprising dream-wave switch…badass!



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