Spotlight: “Beneath The Shadow Of The King” by Steps of Doe

Steps of Doe won’t be ignored.

Their critically acclaimed debut single – “Beneath The Shadow Of The King” – uses fantastical metaphors and Gothic presentations to describe getting out of a tricky relationship situation. Even being in the modern sense, cannot think of Game of Thrones or a Renaissance fair while listening to this. It’s probably the freshest take on indie pop rock with such a 14th century package. The Decemberists might want to adopt Keena & Molly musical style for their next project.

Here’s what the press has to say:

Born from familiar circumstances, the duo met while studying abroad in Cambridge, and after some musical experimentation both returned home to Berkeley with a distinct aspiration to perform together. After several practices they took to the street corners of their town to play for the locals, garnering enough attention to earn as much as thirty dollars in an evening, which, back then, was a big pay off as far as they were concerned. Over the next few years Keena Batti and Molly Falck spent time defining their sound, and with the help of good friends Devon Geyer (acting as Producer) and Burleigh Drummond, they came into their own with a full band style replete with lush harmonies and electrified banjo, dulcimer and mandolin. While honing their craft they also dedicated time to the stage, performing every Thursday night at the Old Place in Los Angeles’ Agoura Hills neighborhood, debuting the songs they eventually wove together to create “On Returning.” The title, which speaks to the way they began their musical relationship upon returning home from studying abroad, also touches on the theme of perpetually “returning” to memories, fantasies, and delusions within relationships. An iconic 70’s-style dominates their debut, not surprising when their influences include classic bands like Led Zepplin and Fleetwood Mac, to even more recent styles like those of Sufjan Stevens and Elliot Smith. One thing is certain, with a sound that ranges from cheerily obsessive to deeply reflective and forlorn, Steps of Doe is a band with something to say, and listeners will be clamoring to hear it.

Their first single, “Beneath the Shadow of the King,” received critical acclaim from the moment it was released. With comparisons to bands like First Aid Kit, this song has cemented their place on the landscape of Americana music. A deeply eerie reverb sits atop their cohesive harmonies, exploring the disillusionment that comes with idealistic relationship expectations. It’s a song so jaunty and earnest that the undercurrent of disappointment, wrapped up in flute and melody, is hardly recognizable. 



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