Audio Interlude: “No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross” by Sufjan Stevens

Probably the most beautiful song I have heard since Iron & Wine’s cover “Such Great Heights”…

I have such high hopes for Sufjan Stevens’ CARRIE & LOWELL, his first official LP in five years, after experiencing “No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross” as I laid in bed this morning. The whole moment was sprinkled in fine fairy dust of acoustic ambiance. I could feel the sun beams breaking through my blinds. That’s how transcendent and tangible this audio was. Such a fantastic gift from Son to Mother.

CARRIE & LOWELL is a dedication to his estranged mother & step-father who he spent much of the happy moments of his broken youth with in Oregon. Sufjan reconnected with his mother before she passed in 2012. This record is a response to much his feelings of the aftermath. Go read Pitchfork’s wonderful expose regarding this experience making the record. I did my best summing it up.



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