1st Song of the Day: “Five Hours” by Deorro


Rough morning. Day 9 of the 13 day spree. Then a wonderful three day weekend! V-Day weekend to boot. All those couples taking a few days to reconnect & fall in love. Every day relationships are tested. Take the time to treat yourself to greatest gift of all…each other. (aw) Should follow that line with a heart emoji then a smiley kitty. Not going to because this is not the format for such things. Join me on twitter for such fluttery destruction to the English language. Us anarchist like to dance around the ruins. Now with GIFs.

I’m ranting again. Deorro brings the debauchery on this very stereotypical EDM track. The bass drops over and over again. His entire catalog is made for crazy girls and horny guys sweating in tents. Not the kind of music I like to wake up too. Sometimes EDM is a great tool to get the blood pumping. “Five Hours” is wasted on my sensibility. But if I was at Coachella…bring on the dirty. Babies will be conceived during his set. Bring protection.

I’ll leave you with this and if you get bored…check out Kendrick’s new track below. Holy sh*t it is amazing!


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