1st Song of the Day: “Los Angeles Is Burning” by Bad Religion


This is a totally different experience than what I just drove through. Their is an amazing cloud layer covering Studio City right now. Listening to Damien Rice while cruising through it was magical. Here is a vine!

Creepy cool.Okay. Onto Bad Religion. They are the first…a-typical…punk group that I have covered in these Coachella sessions. The only kind of music where moshing is necessary. Hope those cool Indio kids throw themselves fully…literally & figuratively…into the fray when these iconic punks take the stage. “Los Angeles Is Burning” isn’t that hard edge of a song. Still displays enough anarchy to punch someone in the face. I love songs in/about Los Angeles and no one does it better than rockers.

Comic Book Wednesday is upon us again. I have meetings until super late regarding these weekend worries. It all seems to be coming together. Only thing to do is keep moving forward. As you know, this city is burning…


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