1st Song of the Day: “Drop Top” by Flosstradamus (feat. Travis Porter)


FLOSSTRADAMUS! Badass name. Didn’t know what I expected from just their name. Maybe the Rap-Dubstep super combo that you receive when you hit play? Deep house roots with that funky edge. I chose a more conventional single, “Drop Top”, because Travis Porter allows a normal listener into the space easier then hitting you with straight repetitive bass drops. More radio friendly. Still tons of fun even for my aging ears.

Another normal day. Feeling a bit better. Still not a 100%. However, I’m working through. That I am. Can’t wait to go home and relax. I ended up reading all of Rick Rubin’s Genius footnotes. Loved the stuff on Kanye’s process. But two favorites were Angus & Julia Stone and Damien Rice. Here’s a taste on his thoughts of Damien Rice’s My Favourite Faded Fantasy. :

rick rubin on damien rice genius blurb

For such an enigma, insight into his world is one of the greatest gifts a music fan could ever get. Go read the rest. They are amazing. Anyway. Can’t wait for you to hear FLOSSTRADAMUS!


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