Album of the Week: Then Came The Morning by The Lone Bellow


Chills, every-damn-time.

Call me a fan. Was blown away by their self-titled 2013 debut. Then once more when I saw them at the historic Driskill hotel in Austin during SXSW. You’ll be changed by The Lone Bellow‘s harmonious vibes. For their sophomore effort, the trio channel every kind of musical genre to paint a wonderful, lovely picture, of what “Love” means to them. The passion behind every crest of musical force overwhelms my heart. Then Came The Morning – in all it’s glory – is a hopeful journey with a countless winding roads. Really sounds like a slice of Americana pie that Bob Dylan would be proud to eat.

Consider this record as a soundtrack for your evolving world. Say goodbye to your problems by taking to the road while promising to “let her go” as you enter the woods.

Essential Tracks: “Diners”, “Take My Love”, “If You Don’t Love Me”, “I Let You Go”



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