1st Song of the Day: “The Morning” by The Weeknd


Good morning. Yes, another Weeknd track. As the second headliner on Saturday’s Coachella line-up, he’s gonna be stiff competition for Jack White.  Since our inception back in 2010, Abel & the guys have made many appearances in these blurbs. “The Morning” is such a dark track to kick off the day. I do love the first verse. The way it slowly moves to the chorus. The visuals he describes.

Long day ahead. Not in the usual way. No concert to speak about. Just a brilliant all-star comedy event featuring many of my favorite acts – Mulaney, Kroll, Conan, Sarah, etc. This is technically my first showcase of 2015. Gonna start counting comedy shows under my Showcase label. There won’t be pictures. Just my flawed words describing things unseen by your eyes. A kind of pointless task. Still, I need the practice. Drive more so.

Should be a blast! Still doing Comics up until the gaming part. Jam pack afternoon until the evening. Pray it all goes according to plan. Hard to tell because it is still “The Morning”.


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