1st Song of the Day: “Snow In Newark” by Ryan Hemsworth (feat. Dawn Golden)


I never shared my Ryan Hemsworth, Dawn Golden, & Tennyson Fonda Showcase photos, have I? Well…here’s the link if you are curious. Wasn’t too happy about them. Too dark. Still a fantastic show to end 2014. Unexpected by all the hip hop hits, Ryan channeled into his unique style. He’s gonna shock so many fans at Coachella when he drops that Kanye remix.

Starting 31…yes, I’m old…with a song that is slowly becoming a personal favorite of mine. Right way to do it. Dawn Golden’s beautiful lyrics says everything I want to say without opening my mouth. The track came out of Ryan living tirelessly on the road, writing while on bus rides around the country. I can relate because I felt like I was constantly on the road in 14. The lasting memories of crazy nights. Trying to be that guy who follows her home. Hard putting personal ahead of the dollars. But if I don’t break this pattern…I’ll be in deep sh*t in a few years. Doing great so far.

The video is quite amazing. Recommend it to one and all.

I’ve had an amazing end to my 30th. Big thanks to all the wonderful people I have in my life. Here’s to us.


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