1st Song of the Day: “Little Bit” by Lykke Li


Made it another week. It was a toughie. Yesterday didn’t bring any luck on the work front. Again. Can’t catch a break. Meh. Who cares. Wing night was a blast. #30Deep made his first appearance. A table full of Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, and two Libras) usually brings amazing results. The conversation never dipped. We were in verbal sync as we filled our bellies.

Weekend plans? Don’t have much on the table. Was invited to a few work B-Day parties both on Saturday night. Probably gonna skip. Been itching to go use my new Nikon. But who knows. Both parties have people I would like to catch-up with. So…yeah. Whatever happens, surely my twitter will be bursting with random thoughts and many exclamation marks.

Not sold on Lykke Li. Her 2014 LP was a tad too dark for my tastes. Not sure how she’ll far at Coachella. Small stage. Bunch of swaying hipsters. Not a showcases I would attend in a sea of amazing acts. “Little Bit” is from Li’s early days. Treat yourself to it.. Even if it is just for a few seconds.


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