1st Song of the Day: “Always Alright” by Alabama Shakes


Search hard enough and you’ll always discover a silver lining. In this case…Alabama Shakes. Who were featured on the soundtrack for Silver Linings Playbook. Happy that film lives on Netflix. Found myself watching it on lazy weekends last year. Really does hold up.

Here’s hoping that when the Shakes arrive at Coachella, they bring new material. Despite the roster and all the hype, most artists only play the established hits at the festival. Names overtake the music. Which shouldn’t be the case. If every act was a fresh experience, maybe I’d be hyped more than I am. Drake will be a great closure. Most fans go to festivals to preview bands they’ve always wanted to see.

Gonna keep listening to Mark Ronson on this, another, New Music Tuesday. Otherwise, business as usual. Which is always alright.


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