1st Song of the Day: “Years” by Alesso (feat. Matthew Koma)


Enter the deep house sounds of Alesso with Matthew Koma providing the vocals for “Years”. This is a Koma before his mainstream breakout in 2014. Fun track. I decided to skip over Steely Dan. Saving it for another time. Possibly. Not a huge fan of SD. I’m only giving myself a month to showcase each Coachella day cards. Starting Friday’s late will allow me to be picky.

Had a busy weekend. Hanged with the hometown team, saw some movies, and drove in the rain to watch my Kings lose in a shootout after rallying a vicious comeback against the Jets. Heartbreaking bitter end. Those last two periods were a blast to experience with the collective.

Gonna stop spending my dough. “Back to frugality”, I saw. It’s my birthday month. People need to be treating me. Then back to waiting another 11 months. Plus, need to save for Austin. That’s my mission. Wish me luck. Especially right now. Because I’m knee deep in Q.C.-ing all the orders from the Golden Globes. Bleh.

The “Years” continue to go by as I sit at my desk. Take me away Alesso.


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