Spotlight Sunday: “Criminal” by The Division Men

Happy Sunday! “Spotlight Sunday” has a better ring than “Spotlight Saturday”, don’t you think?

Today we take you down to Austin with the stylings of Husband-Wife duo, “The Division Men”. Your mind will immediately think that Tom Waits joined forces with Johnny Cash & The Civil Wars within a dark side of purgatory. The duo’s 2014 acoustic effort – Under The Gun (out now!) – contains much of these spiritual feels that expect to be transported back in time to a saloon in the old west run by David Lynch. I can imagine J. Portillo & Caroline serenading, bathed in candlelight of course, the ghostly shadows in the room with all their “whisky piano blues”. Must be how their live shows play out. Keep yourself in that mental space while you listen. Heightens the tone.

“Criminal” tells the tall tale of man and how the mind plays tricks. Their new video follows suite capturing the desolated & isolated urban wilderness and the man brave enough to traverse it. Escaping is the only option really. It’s almost criminal not to click play.

The More You Know:



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