1st Song of the Day: “You Shook Me (All Night Long)” by AC/DC

Ha Spotify! YouTube has never let me down. Treats me soooooo good.

This is the true way to continue our Coachella Sponsorship with the classic – “You Shook Me (All Night Long)” – by AC/DC. Your Friday night headliners. Chose this over “Back In Black” or “Highway To Hell” because I love it more. The guitars are just heavenly.

Normally I’m stressing on GG weekend, watching a temporary world appear within the Beverly Hilton. This new life feels dope. It’s time for the next generation’s shot. My time is up. THANK GOD! Whew. Dodged a bullet. Now I’m thinking about my favorite Globes moments. So many. Loved 2009, 2010, and 2013. Memories that will never fade anytime soon. *Raises coffee cup*

Life in retirement. That’s how AC/DC should be livin’. Am I right? Now run this back and enjoy The Ravens whoop the Patriots! #SevenNationArmy



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