Spotlight Saturday: “Blank Space/Style” by Louisa Wendorff & Devin Dawson

The birth of two stars…

A tad late. That’s okay. I have been playing this mashup version of Taylor Swift’s two best tracks off 1989 – “Blank Space” & “Style” — by YouTube sensations Louisa Wendorff & Devin Dawson all week. They recreated two singular musical formulas in the most amazing / unique way possible. Got chills being reminded of other memorable Nashville folk duos. Every time I play this, I find another layer I missed the other 10 times. No wonder why Ms. Swift & the internet loved it so much.

Louisa has been doing mashups for awhile to critical acclaim. Her YouTube profile page has some amazing spliced renditions of Ed Sheeran, Vance Joy, Sam Smith, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Bon Iver and so many more…most with a Beyonce twist. The arrangements are remarkable. Bonus plug: her 2014 Arrow EP continues to rank high on iTunes. You can stream it.

Devin is working on new material at the moment. His raw demos are available for listen over his soundcloud!

Praying their future collaborations are even more wonderful. They better take it too far.

Blank-Space-Style-Louisa-Wendroff-devin dawson-mashup-screenshot


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