1st Song of the Day: “This Is What It Feels Like” by Armin Van Buuren (feat. Trevor Guthrie)


And we’re back! For three days. Then another round of pretape silence. Sorry for more typos & grammatical errors in this post. Didn’t sleep well at all last night. Second night to be exact. Due to variety of health reasons. Trying to beat my body back into healthy shape. It’s resisting. Gonna use my ultimate weapon after I return from LAX. Yes. I was just there last night. Got triple header actually. My twitter headline is no lie. Love me an airport.

Hope your holiday was amaze-balls! Cabo felt exactly how I left it. Except it was ravaged by hurricane in which it’s still recovering from. Always reminds me of Greece. Strange. Got to relax, catch up on comics & audiobooks, lay by the pool, search for WiFi, etc. People are really obsessed with their phones. Says so much when you’re sitting in a crowded courtyard watching twenty or so travelers mesmerized by their tiny lit up screens. Addictions for modern day e-smokers. I guess.

I’m not saint. I wanted to post two things. #showoff

Two more Fav albums to write. Three really. New Year’s Eve surprise coming. Otherwise, business as usually. It’s good to be back. Now to figure out how to kick myself back to slumber. For “This Is What It Feels Like”:


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