My 25 (2014): #6 – Diamonds by Johnnyswim


Merry Christmas everyone! I’m currently in Cabo. Celebrating with my dear family under a bright Mexican sun. My first time here in over 7 years! Crazy. I’m writing this post from the past. Allowing for a little time travel in my life. Couldn’t have chosen a a better record to kick off this amazing day of pre-published music. I don’t care about writing about the elephant in the room either.

Where do I begin? Diamonds from Johnnyswim put my blogging career back on track during the summer. Felt a tad off the tracks to be honest after award show season wrapped. I was beaten down to the ground & my body felt it. Hard to keep the fire going when nothing changes despite working hard. Then their El Rey Showcase touched me. Amanda & Abner’s love story with great meaningful words really struck at my heart that night. “Diamonds” & “Live While We’re Young” reminded me to get up off my a**. And I did. Ended up covering almost 40 different shows/festivals with over 100 different artists present. I broke my personal best.

Writing those few words just now means so much. Johnnyswim, thank you. I lived again because of your music. Anytime I needed to get my energy up, I listened to Diamonds on Spotify. Helped put things in perspective while building a fire to these lyrics:

We’re the fire, from the sun // We’re the light when the day is done // We are the brave, the chosen ones // We’re the diamonds, diamonds // Rising about the dust.

You won’t find this on any other blog’s Favorite Records of 2014 countdowns I’m sure. That’s fine. Because no one can tell you what albums or performances will touch you. All I can do is recommend & hope it touches you. Check out the following if you’re interested: “A Million Years”, “Paris In June”, “Take The World”, “Live While You’re Young”, and the title track – “Diamonds”. It is a powerful triumph love story on disc that change my world.


(PS: They also have a Christmas EP. Stream it here!)


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