My 25 (2014): #7 – A Town Called Paradise by Tiësto


One of my only HUGE travel highlights of the year involved me taking a trip with my friends, Owen & Ross, to Las Vegas for my friend’s bachelor party. Great trip. Origin story for the legend of #30Deep. I used Tiesto’s A Town Called Paradise to get me psyched for that long weekend. Vegas is better known as “A Town Called Paradise” and Tiesto captured the spirit of that remarkable achievement of light, sound, & debauchery in his 2014 effort. Because nothing describes modern Vegas better than EDM with deep bass drops. Ongoing soundtrack for a million moments of drunken/high trances.

The record is amazing. Even for EDM. My body gives all control away by track 2 – “Footprints”. Then you’ll blackout by the time you arrive at the dangerous drop on “Echos”. All the tracks are original compositions featuring new voices like Matthew Koma, Krewella, Icona Pop, DBX, that come at you like ghostly echoes of Tiesto’s mighty machine. Tiesto, the master of Deus Ex, is a season pro – presenting a dangerously addictive package of vicious sounds that get better upon each listen. There are highs, lows, WTFs, and hell yeahs around every turn. You have found musical nirvana.

Knowing that there is a huge chunk of hipsters who hate EDM doesn’t bother me. It’s music for moments. Mostly with friends…in cities with no time limit like NYC or Las Vegas. Trust me. Play “Red Lights”, “Wasted”, or “Let’s Go” when you head to Vegas on your next adventure. Not only will it set the mood, but you’ll take those memories with you every time you hear Tiesto’s electronic Paradise. Perfume Genius won’t even come close.

Enjoy my favorite EDM record of 2014! Go light a million sparks in the name of love…



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