1st Song of the Day: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Michael Buble


My first thought as drove through the lot this morning was: “…poor souls who have to work on Christmas Eve,” he wrote at his desk. =( Our EP wanted us to all have the day off with random people being on call. So, we pretaped today’s show for that scenario. Found out later that our EIP thought differently. Long story short. I’m here. Christmas Eve, as all my coworkers.trickle in. Got heaps of electronic stuff to deal with before I fly out tomorrow. Guess that’s the silver lining?

Once I get out of here it is gonna be non-stop driving around town. Trying to pack in three days worth of pit stops before I head to Cabo. Should be fun. Don’t want to find myself watching Love Actually on Netflix. Can you imagine that scene? Oh boy. Poor romantics with nothing to do. Go out and adventure crazy souls. #YOLO

What more can I say really? I pray you all have a magical holiday. I’ll be doing what I love to do: jumping on airplanes, flying off to old new adventures, on a beach that is a crisp 80 degrees. Got my books. Ready to marathon that buzzworthy Serial podcast. iPad is jam packed.

A break is the best gift I could possibly get. So, thank you. You’re all amazing…beautiful souls. Be safe. Have fun. Come back when you’re bored for more of my favorite albums. Next week I break out the EDM hits to get you in the New Years mood. Yet, right now a final holiday classic.

Ladies & Gentlemen, give it up one more time for Michael Buble. Merry Christmas.


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