My 25 (2014): #8 – Lazaretto by Jack White


Oh, the rock God, Jack White, & his magical wax. The devilish sounds of crows hidden between the grooves. Waiting to be run backwards like a dark side Pink Floyd classic. Made the first listen experience of Lazaretto a memorable one. When you get into the sophisticated world of vinyl, like I did back in 2012, you hope for moments like this. For artistry is still admired by a minority of musical geeks. Makes me happy that we live in such a segmented culture. That it does.

Lazeretto grew on me. The same way Blunderbuss did. Took over fifty listens to comprehend all the subtle touches Mr. White painted on each track. The man’s a genius. In the end I personally wanted more “That Black Bat Licorice” than “Alone In My Home” in sound. Jack White, the musical auteur, has always had two rich styles that land on deep hard rock or Tennessee blues. Gives the album edged roundness worthy of a heartbroken romantic. If he is dealing with devils in the Lazarus pit…the journey you hear makes him grow into a better person. Was that goal? Listen and find out!



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