1st Song of the Day: “All I Want Is You (This Christmas)” by *NSYNC


How timely. Lance Bass got married over the weekend…so, yeah. Timberlake didn’t attend. #drama. Ha! Going into entertainment news mode & it’s not even 7 A.M. yet. Sorry. Things I don’t even care about. Really? Really.

Three more days of morning Christmas flair. They usually come from my favorite holiday artists. Yes, *Nsync is one of my favorites during this time of year. Those guys put out a great record that deserves a listen. Normally I feature “I Don’t Want To Spend One More Christmas Without You“. New Ages bring about new changes. That’s what I keep telling myself despite the fact that Spotify doesn’t have the former song. Was a bit disappointed Spotify. (hehe) You can stream my favorite song by clicking that link.

No biggie. My mind is moving out of Holiday mood because I have already taken care of my presents as of last night. Got some great stuff. That I did. My family felt I spent too much on them. What can I say? I’m a generous giver. Best time of year to be spreading love. I’ll see my family on Thursday in Cabo. Working towards that.

Our tradition continues. Let the countdown begin!


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