My 25 (2014): #13 – Old Boots, New Dirt by Jason Aldean


Back-to-back Spotify enemies. Jason Aldean followed Taylor Swift’s example of excluding his new record — Old Boots, New Dirt — from the streaming services. Not surprising seeing how country music is the most subjugating and controlling genre. Don’t hear such things from the free lovin’ EDMers. Anyway…I digress. We still find a way to recommend records & I LOVED Jason’s 2014 effort. He, like Sondre Lerche, recently went through a bitter divorce that ended up shaping this album.

Unlike the velvet viking, Jason ran the spectrum of emotions through his pre-written words. Jason didn’t write his lyrics, but almost every song captures a scenario he doesn’t mind sharing from his personal life. There is loving words to a ex-flame, talking dirty to his new beau, songs about partying with friends, starting over, and being stuck in a new town. Not all of us are writers. That’s fine. Aldean makes them his own through projection. They aren’t just his stories but all listeners.

Seeing how I struggled with moving on all year, experiencing this album felt really good. “Too Fast” basically described my life for these past 6 years. Here’s a direct lyric that left me speechless:

I’ve been making a living, not making a life. And knowing that now, well it cuts like a knife. The way it’s been ain’t how it’s gonna be Baby, starting right now, gonna give you the best of me  

I said, “Wow” to myself afterwards. I’ve been doing things wrong. For you can half ass a lot of things, but you should half ass only one & give everything else to the rest. Time moves too darn quick. Gonna start doing that. Hitting the break. With my old boots on new dirt.

This record has the power to change your life…on top of being a solid country album. I think you’re gonna like it here. =)


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