My 25 (2014): #14 – Turn Blue by The Black Keys

The Black Keys Turn Blue Vinyl

Not many listeners liked The Black Keys’ Turn Blue after the first go. Took me a handful of tries for the rough, coarse, bluesy Danger Mouse produced vibes to wash over me. Then I was smitten when the “Weight of Love” eventually cast its spell over me. Remember going a whole work trip repeating those vicious howling guitar instrumentals over & over. Set a daily mood. Started to explore a little more until I fell in love with being in “Hell Below”. Definitely brainwash yourself into loving the title track.

But what really solidified this LP on this list was when my diamond crested needle made contact on vinyl. I was sitting with my father on our couch late one evening experiencing all the colorful sounds pounding from the speakers. We both sat in silence until Side A ended with a fade out. The two of us are restless listeners, constantly multitasking during tracks, so to take break from everything that felt overwhelming. Talk about the perfect way to thoroughly enjoy a tune.

Turn Blue shouldn’t be judged by today’s rock pop standards. Listen. Close your eyes and let yourself be consumed by the fire. The hauntingly precise collaboration of Dan & Pat might send your body into a fever.


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