My 25 (2014): #15 – Please by Sondre Lerche


Last time. Taking a well deserved Sondre break after this post. =) “Please” bear with me. (Meh. That was bad)

Spoke a lot about Sondre Lerche, Please, and old memories…that are now sailing away…over the course of 2014. Through it all, I feel overly content and kind of sick of talking about the past. Shocking, I know. The future has always excited me. How random moments are building new bridges. Blah. Blah. I’m not here to rant random bullshit that doesn’t help anyone else but myself. Figures that what I learned over the past 350 days (even longer) was to let some it go.

Sondre gave all his being stylizing a record that reflected all the heartache oozing from his mind. Divorce can be a brutal thing, don’t you agree? You can feel the tears dripping off his guitars on the darkest tracks. The whole experience is like being stuck with Lucifer, the beautiful lady, in a static hell of endless nightmares. By the end, the listener eventually finds the much needed hopes…even if it breaks a few “bad laws” (another pun). This is realism at its finest for the exorcism is finally over. Be happy. You are now changed.



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