My 25 (2014): #17 – Ryan Adams by Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams-Ryan-Adams-Self-titled-Vinyl_large

Already told you how Ryan Adams put together an impressive collection of personal tracks that become more romantic upon each replay. Blamed it on the guitar strings that one time. 14th LPs have to sound like this. No reinvention needed. Just Ryan Adams playing his heart out, Personal stories perfectly sung while playing with veteran fingers. Wish I spent more time with it. Might have ranked higher. It is the layer of sadness that kept me from getting overly attached.

Ryan Adams is one of those records you must pick up on Vinyl. Again, the guitar strings sell it. Then…I recommend…take your free digital copy, download it, burn it to disc or move it onto a flash drive, then pop it in your car stereo and just drive. Feel the breeze as you drive away from your problems. You’ll feel quite safe as you look over to your lover during “My Wrecking Ball”.

…just sit back and listen one more time.



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