My 25 (2014): #18 – Whispers by Passenger


Whispers was an sweet experience. Solid storytelling from folk rock’s lone survivor, Passenger. Nothing complex here. Simply brilliant acoustic folk rock that flowed like poetry out the speakers. I always get lost in it. You’re listening to someone’s stories. Listen to “Rolling Stone” which plays the conversation between two romantics. Wanted to copy the first paragraph into a tweet, but it was way more than 165 characters. Good thing I blog…ha:

Sometimes I feel I’m going nowhere

Sometimes I’m sure I never will

She said it’s ‘cos I’m always moving I never notice ‘cos I never stand still

Whew. That’s the kind of response I want from my love. Whoever she might be. Because this year, I felt so lost. Working to bone. Trying to make a dent into history. Just hearing those lines made me feel a tad better. Everyone deserves an perspective answer that is wonderful. Just didn’t expect it’d come through song at 5 A.M., driving through darkness.

This album was elevated after I experienced Passenger at the Wiltern. He played only the best songs from the record and told the mythological stories in great detail before entering in with his ghostly whispers. The passage that touched me most about the cancer-stricken smoker he met at a gas station in Minnesota who was “Riding to New York” to see his family a final time. Michael Rossenberg (Passenger) was in the midst of giving up smoking at the time. So, he wrote a great story just for him. Then i realized that this record is truth. Not electronic fantasy.

Love so pure exists on this record. It will touch you if you don’t let cynicism disrupt your experience. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself on the roads of the world. Dancing on your own. You’ll feel freer than you could ever imagine.



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