My 25 (2014): #20 – In The Lonely Hour by Sam Smith

Sam-Smith-In-The-Lonely-Hour-Vinyl-Bored 4 Music

This was Sam Smith’s year. Knew it the second I got my report from our SXSW representative & listened to this amazing YouTube performance. “F*ck me,” I thought as his beautiful falsetto corrupted my soul. When it ended…I immediately regretted not experiencing it live at Haven in Austin. What a night that must’ve been. The silence of those audiences in Texas. Probably an experience more chilling then an amazing voice heard for the first time. Mr. Smith was the real deal. In The Lonely Hour was going to be a bonafide international smash when it dropped. Funny. Looking back I can see the ripples continuing to grow larger in the distance.

So…why #20? What’s the issue? Yeah. This record is platinum status. A fantastic listening experience through & through. If I was a tad bit more depressed during the year, this album might of broken the top 10. But I wasn’t depressed, lonely, or sad. Was lucky enough to get a restart on my love life back in February. Haven’t been happier. Maybe one day this record will shoot to the top of my charts because of a major falling out. I’m anticipating it. Only a matter of time.

Love & heartbreak can make for a great experience as a listener. That’s why you should experience In The Lonely Hour. Let your inner child out. Find a place on the playground & let Sam’s hauntingly brilliant voice take your romantic soul into the heavens for 50 minutes. You’ll feel much better when you touch the Earth once more.



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