1st Song of the Day: “Christmas Must Be Tonight” by Bahamas


Christmas isn’t tonight. Got a few more days until that actually happens. Don’t be sad. Try to make Christmas every day, okay? Then it will be tonight therefore. Well….that’s just crazy talk really. Kind of like the dream I’m having. Wanna know it? That this latest winter storm will bring snow to Los Angeles. Make it a Christmas miracle. Please. Just for a few hours while I’m not on the road. The conditions are fitting. Let t snow, let it snow. I’ll be in bed admiring such things.

Suppose to rain all weekend. Don’t have any plans either! Just Inherent Vice on Sunday afternoon. Got to keep writing our Album countdown. Once I run out of here, I’m free for a handful of hours. Same story. Might go watch the UFC fight tomorrow. I really want to get my Christmas shopping out of the way. Got friends & family to surprise afterall. They really deserve the best. I don’t really want anything. Just a break. That’s one gift…nobody but me can provide. #2015goals.

Our 20th album dropped. Dare you to listen to it while watching the wind & rain beat against your windows. Might make a memory. Here’s Bahamas. More albums coming soon! Have a fantastic weekend!!!


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