Spotlight Saturday For November 29, 2014


Happy Saturday! Today we’re spotlighting four fantastic new talents from across the globes. Make sure to check out the info section to experience more tunes!

Vitamin – “Did It For You”

That was the brand new single from VITAMIN. Amazing, huh? I absolutely loved how the beat enhanced the guys spirited hook. You can’t help but dance in the autumn the breeze.

More on VITAMIN:

Bernaccia – ‘Light//-//Dark EP’

This EP is a real force to be reckon with. Blending dark blues undertones with swift rock n’ roll shines a swift light on the buzzworthy Bernaccia. You’ll find yourself running through a southern swamp with the only haven being this twisted shack housing four possessed rockers.

More on Bernaccia:

The Cabana Kids – “Sortida”

B4M favorites, The Cabana Kids, just released their latest single from their October EP — “The Birds & The Bees”. And because I dig the EP so much, I felt it was necessity to feature the final track, “Sortida”, from it today. Really hope a music video comes next. Can only imagine how trippy they can spin that visual web.

More on The Cabana Kids:


Lindsay Mac – “Remember”

I will remember this night in which I came across Lindsay Mac’s poppy-EDM inspired new single, “Remember”. The entire track works wonderfully expelling a gorgeous late-night theme song for all you party animals. Can’t wait for the Soundcloud community to remix & extend the hell of it.

More on Lindsay Mac:



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