Spotlight Saturday – Showcase: Gaela Brown @ The Hotel Cafe (11/03/14)

The Hotel Cafe Exterior-Bored-4-Music

A very special spotlight that might change your world, #afterthebreak…



Gaela Brown @ The Hotel Cafe (11/03/14)


We’re taking a break from the normal Saturday Spotlight musical breaks to feature an artist who I had the honor of experiencing earlier in the month alongsi15132098924_435358ae7e_kde Picksysticks. His concert review is bonkers-ly amazing. Truly recommend you go read his words over mine. Because he summed up Gaela Brown’s unique singer-songwriting talents quite beautifully with a whole rundown of the showcase. I’m just gonna rant and drop some songs. Like I do.

Gaela took the Hotel Cafe stage a few minutes at 6 P.M running it for a cool hour with her BIG band. Yep…BIG! She had guitarists, three backup singers, and a percussionist crowding the stage behind her. In all my years…don’t think I’ve ever seen that many performers on the Cafe stage before. Sure it was a warm up for their evening ending show at the Whisky a Go Go, but I love how quaint Hotel Cafe is made to be. Just a singer & guitar to win over the hole in the wall hipster crowd.

The showcase had that with stuff like Gaela’s acoustic performance of Eric Clapton & Babyface’s “Change The World”. Talk about a highlight. Her rendition left me mesmerized for her & her unique voice were the stars. Nothing watered down or tainted. Just pure soul coming off the stage. Here is her video cover for it below:

Fantastic stuff? The runs at the end leave me with such chills.

Gaela certainly has the voice. She knows it. Breathes it. Oozes from her artistic ear, which can transform pop hits into jazz standards. Now she’s starting to make the jump into the pop spectrum with her A Star is Born anthem entitled “Im Loving It”. Surprised McDonald’s hasn’t adopted it as their new commercial theme. Did make me want a Big Mac while I sat there stage left.

Gaela Brown at The Hotel Cafe 1

What “Im Loving It” represents is Gaela wants to be in your spotlight & not taking no for answer is her only objective. Which makes sense. Gaela brings fire & confidence to each song that expels from her lips. Even if it’s a gospel cover of Megan Tranor’s smash — “All About that Bass”. That performance alone proved to me that Gaela Brown should be more popular than Megan, who I consider to be an evil product of the music industry’s great machine. To create feeling in an emotionless track…that’s was Gaela’s greatest victory.

Thank you to Gaela Brown, Wise Owl Media, and Hotel Cafe for putting on this special showcase.

Learn More About Gaela Brown:

Flickr Slideshow


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