Album of the Week…A Three-Way Battle Royale!

Albums of the week The New Basement Tapes Big KRIT and DAMIEN RICE

…Whew. Thought this post was gonna be easy on Monday. Damien Rice. Personal favorite. Given. Then Tuesday debuted the new LPs from Super Group The New Basement Tapes & Big KRIT. Didn’t think the two albums would have enough guff to knock off emotional Damien from the top of my list. Boy was I wrong. Whether it was unreleased Dylan in FIVE different styles or 808 drums from the ATL. The collective sound stole my heart, especially¬†by track 2 of Cadillactica. No matter how depressing Damien made me feel…Big KRIT’s fire couldn’t keep on this planet. I was space bound..lost in my mind.

“Damn it”, I said to myself Friday night. Just because I love a certain artist doesn’t mean I should ignore amazing music. So, my pick this week are three records. Deal with it! Listen to them below. Then you can crown your own winner.

Damien Rice’s My Favourite Faded Fantasy

The New Basement Tapes’s Lost On The River

Big K.R.I.T.’s Cadillactica


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