1st Song of the Day: “Jubel” by Klingande


A bit of electronic indie pop rock to jam to while you sip on your coffee on this Friday.

Songs like this makes me want to defend Spotify for doing good. Despite what T Swizzle has to preach. I use the service as a test drive. If I like the album…I will buy it. Or go spend money on a concert. If I don’t, then you don’t get my hard earned cash. That’s what it comes down to. Every day I (we really) advertise for artists using the service. There is no better time to push (or Spotlight in my case) amazing unheard talent. To walk blinding based off one song is just a wrong way of doing business. Make good music and people will shell out 1.3 Million Dollars. That they will.

Whew, got preachy. Bought some vinyl yesterday to prove my point.

My whole weekend schedule is in flux. Not sure what I’m gonna do. Excited to pace it out. All I want to do is sleep in on Saturday morning. Staying in bed till 1 P.M. Then throw whatever comes my way. Still reeling from listening to the above vinyl with my father until a late hour. Love our small intimate moments of generational mutual respect. Reminds me that I am him, and he is me. Nice end to the day after seeing my favorite waitress at the Palms too during Wing Night. Need my fill of flirting.

*Sigh* not gonna promise I’ll be back this weekend. Just come back and you might be surprised as I slowly return to the writer I was.


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