Album of the Week: ‘Run The Jewels 2’ by Run The Jewels


“Better run them jewels fast!”

Have said more than my fair share of words about Killer Mike & El-P’s stellar sequel to their first collaboration project – ‘Run The Jewels’. Nine days in the aftermath and it still reigns as one of the best rap albums of 2014. Ferocity. That’s what you get. No sweet pop about NYC or ex-lovers. Just raw lyrics over badass beats. I find myself compelled by each mic pass as Mike and El-P are in constant competition. Their relationship is a bit like a underground rap battle anyway. Run The Jewels  2 is merely a new stage for their friendly fights.

Recommend you put on a pair of shoes before hitting play. If you’re not sprinting down the street by track five…be prepared to duck from the swing of that chain. Enjoy Run The Jewels 2. Look forward to Meow The Jewels coming soon.


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