1st Song of the Day: “Climbing Up The Walls” by Radiohead


Happy Halloween! Happy birthday to my bud Spooky. Felt Radiohead was the perfect band to serenade your day. Be safe everyone. Lots of crazy kids out there in the urban woods. I’m gonna grab some food, relax on my couch, upload my 30 Seconds to Mars photos, and continue to watch Django on Netflix. Nice. Quiet. Evening. No parties. No costumes. Just sheer ignorance.

Last night show was pretty amazing! Leto impressed me with the depth of his voice. They played all the hits. The acoustic encore was the best part. Here’s a vine of a portion of “Hurricane”:

Leto really tried to the make the hipster LA crowd a rowdy one. Seems like they succeeded. The pictures came out dope. The venue didn’t make it easy for me either, Halloween costumes, confetti, massive balloons, and customized waving flags littered the pit. Being on the side allowed me to dodge most of it.

I’m happy it’s the end of the week. Let’s climb the walls one more time. Be back Sunday with all the generic spotlights.


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