1st Song of the Day: “Breathing Slowly” by Crossfade


Showcase #9 has been one of the most challenging write ups this year. Writing much, saying little. Revising. Revising. Revising. The background aspect is in decent enough shape. It’s summing up the actually concert which is the current objective. Want it up on Sunday. Said that a few weeks now. That way I can deal with August…September…and the rest of October. November is knocking. 30 Seconds to Mars ends October tomorrow night!!!!

What should happen in the closing months of 2014 is to better train myself how to make time for the reviews. Isolate a few hours of my schedule everyday to sum up each week. Publish once. Not anytme the time feels right. Balance. This site needs balance. Especially if I want to make this site what I originally wanted to be…a LA concert blog like Buzzbands or Grimy Goods.

Yes, I’m already thinking of 2015. Betcha it’s gonna be even more action packed. (Good news too b/c our Luke Bryan Pictures are blowing up on Flickr BTW)

An old favorite of 2006 kicks off the morning once more. Played this track for you old readers before back in our Blogger days. Thought if it ain’t broke…lovely songs can still soar.


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