1st Song of the Day: “Rain Is A Good Thing” by Luke Bryan


Me late.Tired to make up time leaving the house when i was dumbfounded by a slowage on the 405. Still not sure what stopped us. No accident. No construction. Cops were involved because I could see their lights. Guess I’ll leave it as a mystery.

Two days of shows are now up on the Flickr. The Charli XCX set came out better than I could imagine.She was a fiery leo. Was a bit disappointed by Luke’s pictures. He kept his head down with the mic; blocking any part of his visible face. It got better by the end of the show as his iconic smile brightened up the Bowl.

“Rain is a Good Thing” has been playing all weekend in the aftermath. Overall, the second to last week in October continues to be a bountiful one. Show wise.

In other news: My car broke 200,000 miles this weekend too. I wasn’t the driver, but quite happy that a milestone has been achieved. Gained an achievement point. Meant to do much more, but yesterday I was beat. Still deciding if I’m gonna crash Ben Howard tonight at the El Rey. If not…Halloween marks our last October Showcase with Thirty Seconds to Mars! Another band I can’t wait to get off the Bucket List.

2014 has been a blessed one. Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas.Crazy times.


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