1st Song of the Day: “These Days” by The Black Keys


…nothing better than starting your morning with some Black Keys. Sippin’ your coffee, tea, or in my case Coke to their charming eccentric bluesy tunes. As the years go by, I begin to realize how special ‘Brothers’ is as a record. “These Days” should be enjoyable this morning…despite the fact most of our readers check out this post around noon. This song still works whether the sun is rising or fading,

Today feels like Monday. Maybe that weekend magic will rush over me at 1 P.M. when we start the weekend show. Debating whether to crash Charli XCX’s Mayan show tonight with Picksysticks. I really just want to roll home and watch all those esquire shows I’ve been taping. Adam Pally’s The Getaway Las Vegas episode played in the background last night during our NBA Fantasy draft. As long as Derek Rose doesn’t get hurt…I should be fine on that front.  Still projected to come in 8th.

Because my schedule is much freer, Our Spotlight Saturday and Album of the Week should arrive tomorrow. Showcase #8 might drop Sunday. I have been working on it via my iPad.  Just need to add the bells, whistles, and random typos I’m known for.

Hope you all have a great weekend. More songs arriving soon!


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