1st Song of the Day: “Cold Water” by Damien Rice (feat. Lisa Hannigan)


Being at work after a 5-Star showcase is leaving me empty.  Three nights of epic shows are now in the books.  Pictures are waiting to be uploaded.  Reviews ready to be written.  And I’m here. About to survive another crazy Friday with two shows to post.  Nuts.  I’m ready to take a break.

Damien was nothing short of amazing.  Standing on the church alter singing all his O and 9 hits alongside a preview of the much happier material coming up on his junior effort.  Dying to edit the pictures.  My initial preview at midnight last night left me with a smile on my face.  The church was a bit of a challenge.  Nothing I couldn’t rise to though.  I sat at the very back of the ground floor, allowing me to stand up all I wanted.  Ha. Ha.  My sniper’s lens closed the gap quite well.  And the spotlights really did create an aura around this dream-like musician.  Wish y’all could’ve been there with me.

Did instagram (above) a portion of the epic finale of Volcano with Damien, his friend Amy, and the audience that I sneak up to be apart of..  Had doubts about running with the crowd…those faded quickly.  Got some amazing shots of the audience with Damien.

I need to shut up now.  Because I’m still on a high, here is a favorite of mine.  He performed this song last night with no lights.  Left me in chills. Can’t wait to share more!!!!  Happy Friday.  We’ll be back soon.


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