Spotlight Saturday Session for September 27th


I’ve been super busy as of late.  Not my intent.  So, I’ve decided to switch this segment into a giant music playlist of who will hopefully blow your minds!  Welcome to new Spotlight Saturdays!

His Name is Alive:

HNIA’s stunning new offering is a psychedelic rock opera with heavy fuzz guitar depicting an epic struggle between identical twins, reflective in nature, and mirrored in twin science, secret language and mythology. Tecuciztecatl’s plot pivots on mellotron melodies copied, recopied, repeated, twisted and inverted and a horror movie soundtrack vibe straight out of a bubble gum prog machine.

Chris Staples:

The official video for Chris Staples “Hold Onto Something” from his Barsuk Records debut “American Soft”. Available now. Directed by Spencer Gentz.

Saint Saviour:

“Saint Saviour is the recording project of Becky Jones, an English singer who once fronted the band Groove Armada. When she’s not making gorgeous, transporting music as Saint Saviour she’s the head of songwriting at the Tech Music School in London.” (via NPR)

Methyl Ethel:

Born in the heat of the Australian summer, ‘Rogues’ is the first piece of stream of conscious pop to surface from Methyl Ethel’s forthcoming debut album. Both sweet and volatile like the ketone compound namesake of Jake Webb’s formless expanding musical alter ego, the song was recorded shortly after inception in the regional south-west over a 24 hour period in the doorless room of an old shopfront in Fremantle that he was living in at the time. In his words “the guitar hook just seemed to fit the song and my housemate at the time remarked how that was what he had also been hearing in his head. It was very, very hot in that house.”

The Stone Foxes:

The Stone Foxes are here to rock. The only thing louder than their growling guitars are their voices, singing at the top of their lungs, pouring out every ounce of the feeling that goes into each one of their songs. They are fearless, frenzied bad asses who won’t stop until you’ve danced hard enough to leave your everyday cares in the dust.



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