Album of the Week: ‘Please’ by Sondre Lerche


Life is surprisingly crazy in retrospective.  One chance encounter in a cold steel-grated archive really did solidify Please to be this week’s Album of the Week. Otherwise, I would have no clue on how different this record sounds in comparison to Sondre Lerche’s illustrious romantic catalog.  This time around Sondre is confused, lost in a distorted nightmare, as he watches love die.  Please is. ultimately, his attempt to restore love back to his life by purging it from his system.  He uses his two-way monologue to comes to term with it all.

Sondre’s recent divorce seems to have taken its told on the Velvet Viking.  He smashes out these truly deep and layered tracks with dark overtones.  It took a few listening sessions for me to fully ingest and admire how the album works kind of conceptually: Sondre is trapped in the memories of his computer.  Not sure that was his intent.  But I loved how distorted the tearful strums of his guitars blended into the symphonic electronic waves.  It surprised me that Sondre didn’t include an a-typical love song.  The closest you get is “Legends” or “Lucifer”, but can you call a song about loving a celestial being who eventually becomes the ultimate evil a love song?  Call it unconventional but it grows on you.  His pop sensibility continues to be laced in each track.

Wish I felt as lost as Sondre when I got this a month ago, but I’m really in a great place in my life.  Spent most of my time feeling sorry for him.  “Been there countless times,” I said to myself one point on the ride to work.  Still admired how in control his is as a musician.  He attacks every track with his broken heart and makes it soar.

If you’re up to hearing a heartbreaking story, check this record out.  “Bad Law” will really send you into Sondre’s mind with a catchy tune.  Then hold on tight.


(PS: I’m desperate for another Duper Sessions! =)


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