1st Song of the Day: “Circle” by Miles Davis


More Jazz.  Nothing like a Miles Davis track to drink coffee too.  Sip it slow.  Let the grooves set in.

It’s almost time for DODGERS Baseball! Kind of excited.  Haven’t been to a ball game in over a year.  Anything new / different really stokes my bones regardless if it’s a new adventure or concert.  Work. Work. Work. With no play play play.  Not the case for the next couple of days.  Sucks that I’m missing Comic Book Wednesday.

Gonna try to contributor an article to my second family before the game.  Still getting there.  You can follow my process here.  The content is overly indie and I dig it.  Getting to experience a spectrum of new sounds.  I love how open my Twitter has gotten.  Not spamming random poorly spelled articles.  And our views have actually increased since making the change.  Strange, right?

I’ll be listening to Gerard Way’s “Hesitant Alien” some more.  So far…Brother is the most amazing track.

It’s all a circle.  Here’s Miles Davis kicking off this hump day.


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