Spotlight Saturday: “Siam” by KOBADELTA

KOBADELTA is a UK (Newcastle) based five-piece, dabbling in dark and heavy ‘indie-psych-rock’ that is nice & heavy.  At times…while you listen…you’ll feel like a runway train trying to break the time barrier to meet Jim Morrison in that terrestrial plane of nothingness.   When I can feel my music spirit trying to rage out of my soul…that’s usually a good sign.

The guys are on the road to releasing their brand new EP, ‘Remain Distracted‘, on September 26th.  I have listened to it & take my word for it…it’s a truly an out of body experience of raw sound.  Reminded me of Disturbed meets old ’60s psych rock.  “Siam” is my favorite cut from the package.  Nice pace, hits high then low down a cascade highway, etc.  Defines everything you should expect from Dom, Alex, Chris, Jon, & Jordan’s collective brilliant sound.



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