Album of the Week: ‘Ryan Adams’ by Ryan Adams


Challenging week.  New records from Jhené Aiko, Lee Brice, Banks, Interpol, U2, etc. made me turn my iPad stereo up throughout week.  Been awhile since I had a battle royale to deal with.  Had to stay focus for they all had memorable moments sprinkled throughout their lineups.  (Yes, I listened to every single one.  I usually do.) When the smoke cleared, Ryan Adams’ self-titled had left everyone single one of those dust.  Wasn’t even close.

Adams’ Self Titled is the most close to perfect you can get in my book — personal, meaningful, blends genres, executed with feeling, tastes like Americana, and from the heart.  Just want to ride in the car until it ends with the windows down.  The kind of record that ends Summer.

Like I said during our album preview, the listener is in wonderful hands as Ryan serenades rock song after rock song that reminds me early the early 90s.  There is no veil.  Pure classic rock n’ roll baby.  Brandishing a self-title moniker really represents how personal this artist gets on each track.  You can relate quickly which made attach more meaning on tracks like “Kim” or “Feels Like Fire” where the guitar kicks up & the story just flows from the groove.  Even in the simplicity there is deep complexity.  “Stay With Me” is the standout track that you NEED to play at least once.  It will make you fall for this LP.

I love everything in this package.  The most telling moment was when I realized I couldn’t stop my fingers from snapping…even as I’m writing this.  Every break between sentences I return beat.  Crazy.  Try it for yourself.



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